John Webber
"The sound in our very first rehearsal was spectacular. It gave me goosebumps! This is how a choir should sound in worship. It brought so much joy to be singing in my church in such a new and beautiful way."

Kellen, church choir member, Indiana.

"Those young singers of The Company of Voices... have developed into an expert ensemble. Musically intelligent, their youthful vocal bloom invests their music with an effervescent spark...The unaccompanied voices, unified and perfectly blended and balanced, maintained the momentum.. as they soared throughout the cathedral to exciting heights."

Patricia Kelly, Opera Australasia.

"He has successfully recreated the extremely beautiful sound of an English Collegiate Choir using women's voices instead of boys for the higher parts."

WEM, The Daily Mercury

Two audio recordings of professional level choral work. All the singers in this ensemble were 18 - 21 years of age. 
High School work. 
Here I conduct VoyceworX in Nova Nova, a piece I wrote for them. This un-audtioned group rehearsed after school once a week for 90 minutes.
Video Bio - a time line of major conducting events - showing details and images of the actual venues - with a background of music conducted by me. Blurry for three slides then OK.